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Glocal Frictions: Environment, Action and Difference in the Anthropocene

The boasblog Contested Knowledge takes up the title and theme of the 2023 German Anthropological Association conference (Munich, July 25-28). The blog is a collection of contributions which discuss the complex relations between anthropology and societal contestations of knowledge. Desirée Hetzel, Arno Pascht and I take the observation that far-reaching environmental changes caused by climate change and species extinction endanger global survival and security and that, accordingly, people all over the world have to deal with how local/global (environmental) worlds can be designed for the future as a starting point. We bring insights from our research fields in Germany, Vanuatu, and Mexico into dialogue, illustrating how actors involved in and affected by these changes connect and collaborate, but find themselves, at the same time, in new situations of tensions and frictions.

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