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Sargassum Surprise: The Hidden Beauty of Algae

“Oh, that looks beautiful!". I rarely hear people say that about Sargassum. It, after all, is not every day that you hear people gushing over algae anyways, right? But I’ve managed to turn the tide on this slimy subject during field work in Barbados in September 2023. I was determined to find a way to show off this oceanic oddity and make it transportable and decided to trap these waterweeds in liquid resin. Voilà! Suddenly, Sargassum went from “Ew!” to “Ooh!”. But what’s the real lesson I’ve learned from people’s responses when they look at Sargassum? Well, it’s simple: the beauty is all in the eye of the beholder, or should I say, the scale of the seaweed!

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