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When Knowledges Meet: Workshop at the DGSKA 2023 Conference

I am pleased to announce that Arno Pascht and I will be hosting a panel at DGSKA’s 2023 conference in Munich! Our panel addresses the entanglement of ‘everyday’ and ‘scientific’ knowledge in the context of climate change. Weather extremes, ocean warming, increases of ocean levels, species extinction and other (environmental) changes pose a threat to well-being around the world and endanger our planet. Accordingly, people around the world are dealing with these issues and their consequences. Which knowledges do people (not) rely on to navigate changing environments? What happens when different forms of knowledge and ontological differences meet? How do actors generate knowledge and practices in the context of local processes of exchange, translation and negotiation in the context of climate change?

Please visit the conference website if you wish to submit an abstract to our panel:

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